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Avery Mertz

Avery Mertz thinks it’s funny when someone calls her a jock and “takes it as a compliment, somewhat,” she says.

Avery hit the ice for the first time when she was just five-years-old, playing for the Harrow Rams. Now, this Lee & Maria’s Market Specialist plays forward for the University of Windsor Lancers. “Whenever I’m on the ice, I’m the happiest.”

While not on the ice, unsurprisingly, Avery likes rollerblading. She also likes biking, hanging out with friends, when not in quarantine, and eating. Her go-to fruit is strawberries. “They’re a tasty, healthy snack,” she says. Some may say peppers are the same, but Avery is not one of those people. “Have never liked them, and I don’t think I ever will.”

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You realize quickly how much work it takes to run a farm.

Avery Mertz - University of Windsor LancersOne of Avery’s favourite trips was when she visited Maryland and their “super nice” beaches. She was there for a fastball tournament.

Lee & Maria’s is the first time Avery, who is studying criminology and psychology at the University of Windsor, has worked on a farm. “You realize quickly how much work it takes to run a farm,” she says. “My bosses are here all day, working so hard to make sure everything is done and ready to go for the customers and us. It really opened my eyes to how much it takes to run a business and a farm.”

Her favourite part of working at Lee & Maria’s is her coworkers and the vibe. “We are all so close and get along so well, I truly enjoy coming to work every day. We have the best customers by far, everyone is so sweet and understanding of everything happening during the pandemic.”

Avery began working at Lee & Maria’s during the height of the pandemic, initially focusing on building In-Market Pickup order. “The little notes customers write on their orders, like ‘Thank you so much’ and ‘We love you guys’ really brightens everyone’s day, and all of us really appreciate it.


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