Team Bio

Chelsea Stevens-Wiebe

Working at Lee & Maria’s was a dream come true for Chelsea, literally.

“I was a delivery customer for a long time and always dreamed of working here. I would tell my husband about it all the time, to the point where he’d get annoyed.”

That dream came true at the very height of the COVID-19 pandemic. During a stop in the market in mid-March, Chelsea mentioned she was looking for a job. It was at a time when the majority of market employees were unable to work because of immune issues and concerns over the virus.

Chelsea was quickly hired as the Senior Market Specialist and worked 12-hour days for two solid weeks until more people could be hired.

I have a lot of house plants. I mean, A LOT!

The Windsor native now lives in Cottam with her husband Pete and two daughters, Penelope and Stella. “They’re super cute,” she says.

“Pete and I met and married quickly,” Chelsea says. “We met, and after two months, I married my best friend.”

Her house is a bit of a jungle. “I have a lot of house plants. I mean, A LOT!” According to Chelsea, she spends her free time mothering her plants, oh and also her children. “They’re my pride and joy.” We’re not sure to which she was referring.

Chelsea grew up in Windsor and spent time living in both Ottawa and Toronto before making her way back to Essex County. She’s the only girl out of four siblings. Her favourite trip so far was when she visited Belize. “My husband, Pete, was born and raised there. It was an amazing experience to see where he grew up.”

Working at Lee & Maria’s is Chelsea’s first exposure to life on a farm. “Walking in the field to pick herbs was pretty traumatic for me the first time, but now I’m used to the bugs crawling on my feet,” she says.

Chelsea is not a celery fan, saying, “it makes my tongue itchy.” You can count watermelon and arugula among her favourites. “Arugula is great because it’s so diverse. It’s good at breakfast, lunch or dinner.”

For Chelsea, the best part of the job is “the family atmosphere and getting to know my regulars.”

“I love creating a connection with my customers and how appreciative they are when I remember their favourite Booch Kombucha or protein bar.”


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