Team Bio

Kennedy Reaume

Working as a market specialist at Lee & Maria’s is only one of the jobs that occupy Kennedy Reaume’s time.

The Cottam native also works for Community Living Essex County as a support worker, helping people in the region with intellectual disabilities, assisting with their day-to-day activities. “It allows me to work with amazing individuals and see how involved they are in community events. It’s amazing to be part of an agency that provides so much awareness and support to those with intellectual disabilities.”

Kennedy Reaume
I enjoy doing basically anything that involves being outside in the sun, especially on the water.

Kennedy and Roxie

Kennedy is a University of Windsor graduate with a bachelor’s degree in human kinetics and a minor in psychology. Right now, she’s taking a year off.

Kennedy plans to eventually travel, and if there’s one place she could go, it would be Europe. “I’d love to explore all of the different cultures and sightsee.” When she goes, it will be her first time on a plane, “I’ve never even been to Disney World.” One place she has been that’s “pretty cool” is her cottage near North Bay. “My family and I used to go for two weeks every summer, which was a nice getaway. “

In her free time, Kennedy loves spending time outside with friends and family, walking her Chihuahua, Roxie, running and playing soccer. “I enjoy doing basically anything that involves being outside in the sun, especially on the water, but having two jobs occupies a lot of my time.”

Lee & Maria’s is her first time working on a farm, but she has worked in a grocery store before. She’s a huge strawberry and pineapple fan, “because who doesn’t love strawberries.” She hates beets. According to her, “they taste like dirt.”

Kennedy eventually plans to return to school to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing at St. Clair College to become a registered nurse. In the meantime, she’ll continue serving market customers “who are always so amazing and friendly to the staff.”

“I love the social aspect and getting to work with amazing people. From the start, everyone makes you feel so welcomed and makes work enjoyable.”


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Chelsea Stevens-Wiebe: Team Bio

Working at Lee & Maria’s was a dream come true for Chelsea, literally. “I was a delivery customer for a long time and always dreamed of working here. I would tell my husband about it all the time, to the point where he’d get annoyed.”

Local Producer Spotlight
Giffin’s Maple Syrup Products: Local Producer Spotlight

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Kaylee Pillon: Team Bio

Kaylee Pillon is not a big fan of celery, “it hates me, I hate it, it’s a mutual understanding.” Kaylee, a market specialist and delivery packing lead, calls celery annoying to eat, requiring too much chewing with little taste payoff. “What’s even the point?” Kaylee, a Harrow native, has worked at Lee & Maria’s off-and-on since she was a young high school student in 2016. She’s now studying Social Work and Disability Studies at the University of Windsor.

Local Producer Spotlight
Russell House BBQ Sauce: Local Producer Spotlight

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Wrightland Farms: Local Producer Spotlight

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