Large family bin with onions

Farm Update – Slow & Steady

There are a couple of things that most people know about farmers, but just in case you weren’t aware, a farmer rarely feels he/she has had enough rain and always wants to be first with a crop. We’re a little behind. Currently we’re picking some fantastic...

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kale ready to pick

Farm Update – June 15th

The difference some heat, a little water, and a bit of fertilizer makes is astounding. Our crops have doubled in size over the last week. The kale is in full production right now, our broccoli looks fantastic and we’re picking heavily from our lettuce patch....

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Farm Update – May 27

Our arms are red and our faces a little dusty but after two solid days of work in our fields, we planted over 5,000 tomato plants. We’ve planted beefsteak and roma varieties, as well as some specialties. Alongside we also planted our eggplant and soon...

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foster cat enjoying asparagus

Farm Update – May 16th

You likely noticed, but it’s cold out. Very cold. Frost warnings at night and chilly rainy days during the day. Cold weather crops like asparagus, broccoli, lettuce, and kale will be just fine. However, the rain does slow the ripening down. Strawberries from local fields...

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Dressed by an Olive @ Lee & Maria's

Dressed by an Olive Joins Our Team

A new product joins our lineup We are extremely excited to announce that Dressed by an Olive is now available both in our market and for our bin delivery members. The Windsor and Tecumseh based company sells fused and infused oils and balsamic vinegar. They are among the...

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