Services & Precautions During The Coronavirus Pandemic

We know during this unusual time one of the most important things is maintaining access to top quality food. A healthy diet will help. keep spirits up during this difficult time. We’ve made several changes to our farm to make sure we can get healthy food to those who need it.

How People Can Shop With Us


Visit our On-Farm Market
  • Our on-farm market is open Tuesday to Friday 11 – 7 and Saturday and Sunday 11 – 6.
  • FOR INFECTION VULNERABLE: We’re open Tuesday to Saturday from 9 – 11.


Order Online, Pickup at our On-Farm Market
  • Use our In-Market Pickup program to virtually shop the shelves of our market and place your order for pickup. Pay online or when you pick up your order.
  • If you live in Kingsville and in quarantine, call us at 519-733-9328, and we’ll organize delivery for you.


Use Our Delivery Service
  • Our outstanding Farm Delivery Service resumes its 8th season on March 31st. We’ll once again be delivering to homes across Windsor-Essex and parts of Chatham-Kent.


In Quarantine, Can’t Afford delivery, and Live In Kingsville or Leamington.


Want to Do Something To Help, But Don’t Know What

Precautions we’re taking:


On-Farm Market


  • We’re asking anyone with a self-identified fever or dry cough to leave the market and call us from their vehicle, and we’ll continue shopping.
  • Every customer is being asked to use hand sanitizer when entering the market.
  • Employees are wearing gloves during their entire shift, washing their gloves as often as possible, and changing them several times during their shift.
  • Counters are being disinfected between every customer
  • Social distancing is being encouraged during the checkout process.
  • Shopping carts and baskets are being disinfected before being put back for use.
  • Door handles, cooler handles, and other frequently touched surfaces are being disinfected every 4 or 5 customers.




  • Order packers are wearing gloves like they always do, frequently disinfecting them, and changing their gloves as often as required.
  • Delivery drivers will not enter any residences and will attempt to make contactless deliveries when possible to maintain social distancing.
  • Drivers are wearing gloves and disinfecting gloves after every delivery.
  • Vehicle steering wheels, radios, door handles are being disinfected before and after every driving shift.