Lee & Maria’s Farm Delivery Fundraiser

Raising Funds & Promoting Wellness

Our farm offers a unique fundraising idea that promotes healthy eating and earns an excellent return for schools, sports teams, or any other group looking to raise extra funds.  


Instead of kids walking door-to-door selling chocolate bars or cookie dough, they can promote healthy eating by collecting sign-ups for our farm to table delivery program. Best of all, we handle all the logistics. You promote people to sign-up under your fundraiser and wait for a cheque in the mail.  

Farm Kids By Corn

How It Works

Raising cash for our school has never been so simple. The Lee & Maria's system is almost completely hands-off so we can focus on more important things.

You go door to door promoting our delivery service, encouraging people to sign up for the service and choosing your fundraiser during the sign-up process. For everyone who signs up using your fundraiser, they will have all the same perks as our regular members, and you will earn 5% from every delivery they receive.   

You can follow along with the fundraiser through our online dashboard. Track who is receiving bins, how much you have earned, and even send messages to all the people receiving deliveries.  


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