Are you looking for a fundraising idea that promotes healthy eating, as well as earning a great return for your school, sports team, or any other type of group or committee looking to raise some extra funds?

Instead of sending kids door to door to sell the infamous chocolates, cookie dough, pizzas, or other unhealthy snacks that kids should never be encouraged to eat, let alone sell to family members and friends.


Instead, sell the gift of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. We offer two options, which would allow you to have the produce delivered to the person by either us, or by you, depending on the amount of return you would like to receive.

Here’s how it works:


You go door to door promoting our bin delivery service, encouraging people to sign up for the service and choosing your fundraiser during the sign-up process. They will ten get produce delivered to their door on a schedule completely determined by them. They will have all of the benefits of our regular members, including payment options, subbing options, shop options, and schedule changes. Every dollar they spend with us, you will get a percentage.




We will deliver the bins directly to the people who sign up for the program. Your only work is the initial promotion of the service. Once they are signed up, they are completely in our care.


EARN 10%


We will deliver the bins to a predetermined pick-up location each week. It will be up to your group to either coordinate the pick up of the bins or take them directly to their rightful owners. We would still handle all monetary issues, but delivery would be on the shoulders of the organization.


Our online management system allows you to be in full control of the fundraising campaign. You will always know exactly how it is going. Here are some of the features.

  • Designate a fundraising captain who manages the campaign
  • Access a constantly updated list of who is signed up in the program and what it is they have ordered.
  • The ability to bulk email everyone in the fundraising campaign to alert them of any other promotions.
  • Keep a constant tally of the amount the fundraiser has earned, accessible through the website at any time.


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