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The impacts of COVID-19 are being felt by people around the world, including people locally who are in quarantine or unable to work because of the economic and social impacts of the virus.


Following requests from several people, we’ve launched a Good Neighbour Delivery program. Through the program people who need a delivery of food can apply to receive one, and people who would like to donate a delivery can.


Each delivery is a set group of perishable items and will include items like bread, milk, eggs and produce (upon availability). We are delivering these items at our cost and will deliver them to the homes of people who are in quarantine.

Donate  A $25 Delivery

Application For A Delivery


To apply for a delivery, fill out the form below. We ask that only people who truly require a delivery apply. By filling out the form below you agree you can’t get out of your home or are impacted financially by the COVID-19 outbreak. You also understand we will do our best to get a delivery to you, but there is no guarantee.