Organic apples ready to eat.

Farm Update – How About These Apples

As you may have heard in the news already, this year’s apple crop looks to be one of the best in the last several years. Not only is the yield absolutely fantastic, but the taste and quality have been exceptional. We are starting to roll through several different varieties of apples. We’ve already delivered Jersey Macs, Paula Reds, Ginger Golds, and Galas. We have more varieties coming in daily, so it’s a surprise which type you may get. We also have Honey Crisp available for special order, if you are looking for an exception, all be it expensive, treat.

Also, we have a brand new patch of corn set to begin mid-week. We’re very excited about how it looks and hope the taste is as good. Also look for fresh patches of beans, kale, and broccoli to begin this week.