Farm Update – May 27

Our arms are red and our faces a little dusty but after two solid days of work in our fields, we planted over 5,000 tomato plants. We’ve planted beefsteak and roma varieties, as well as some specialties. Alongside we also planted our eggplant and soon some field peppers. The rhubarb plants are also yielding some fantastic tasting stalks. Warmth and heat make all the difference.

Thanks to the warm temps, we’re also just a few days away from local field strawberries, which is always a sure sign that summer is just around the corner. The past few years it has been a slow start to the strawberry season. However, this summer like heat is bringing on the berries fast and furious and the bright sun should make for some sweet fruit.

We have more good news as well, we’ll be back at the Night Markets this year in Kingsville, Tecumseh, and Leamington. We’ll have a bit of produce to sell, along with some samples of our bins and a chance to meet the people who build the bins we deliver each day. We’re super excited and can’t wait to meet everyone.