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Booch Organic Kombucha

By Rylee Wallace

A healthy lifestyle is always important to maintain; however, when you have an autoimmune disorder like Celiac Disease, it’s even more essential to sustain a healthy lifestyle and diet!

Shannon Kamins was a Health Science student at Western University when she started brewing her own kombucha in hopes of reducing the pain caused by her Celiac Disease. She would set up for the lengthy process on her kitchen counter, brewing 10 litres at a time, adding specific medicinal herbs she knew would be the most beneficial to her health, such as chaga mushroom, wild rose petals, and bee pollen. 

Inspired by her drive to heal herself and advocate for others, Shannon earned a certificate in Food Security from Ryerson University. She later joined the Weston A Price Foundation, where she continued to learn about the effects traditional diets have on our bodies, including using fermented foods as a way to increase immune system functioning. She became an expert in the ancient art and modern science of food fermentation, Ayurveda (an alternative medicine system with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent), herbalism and many other ancient healing arts.

Shannon now follows her intuition when creating new flavours, which is one of her favourite parts of the business!

Knowledge, passion, creativity… where was it all headed? Booch Organic Kombucha, of course!

With Shannon at the helm as Founder and Master Fermenter, Booch operates on eco-regenerative and sustainable business practices alongside synergy, connection, gratitude, compassion, purpose and lots of love.

Booch originally stuck to ingredients proven to have positive health benefits, like stinging nettle to help detox the liver or ginger and turmeric for anti-inflammatory purposes. Shannon now follows her intuition when creating new flavours, which is one of her favourite parts of the business! When she is able to connect directly with the local land and farmers where her ingredients are sourced, it makes it that much sweeter for her!

Shannon’s favourite flavour?  Blueberry Holy Basil! A blueberry blend with juicy notes of watermelon, pineapple, vanilla, and spice pulled from holy basil – YES PLEASE! She also loves the unique weekly features from Booch’s London based Tap Room, where you can find kombucha made with seasonal ingredients and flavours like Staghorn Sumac and a fresh Cascade Hops with Pineapple.

It gets a little like chemistry class when they begin mixing flavours.

Boock Kombucha Blueberry Holy BasilLast year, Booch also introduced a new line of products called Moonbrew by Booch, which is a probiotic honey tonic referred to as Jun [j-oon]. Jun, also known as the champagne of kombucha, originated in Nepal. It uses green tea and honey to ferment rather than black tea and cane sugar traditionally used in kombucha. Moonbrew by Booch, which is full of prebiotics and probiotics, currently has 5 flavours to choose from on top of the many choices Booch already offers!

If you’re roaming around London, you can pop by the Booch Tap Room for a tasting or schedule a curbside pickup! If you’re local to the Kingsville area, you can pop into Lee & Maria’s where you’ll find Booch on tap!

Shannon says the best part of working with Lee & Maria’s is the level of support, enthusiasm, and dependability since day one – but when you put together two businesses with a vision and a whole lot of passion – it would be hard not to be enthusiastic and supportive!

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