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Booch - Tropical Pineapple

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Our Summer Seasonal is here, Tropical Pineapple!!

Grab your favourite glass and pour! Don with an umbrella and bright pink straw if you so feel it! Then close your eyes as you take the first sip, let the burst of pineapple flavour transport you to your own personal island oasis. Imagine yourself laying on the beach, feel the sun warm your skin and enjoy hearing the waves crash in the background. Soak it all in!

Made for sipping on all summer long!

For an instant cool down, why not try a tropical pineapple popsicle?!

Place a few chunks of pineapple into a popsicle mould

Fill with tropical pineapple kombucha, leave room for holder, place holder into mould

Freeze and enjoy!

Ingredients: Filtered water, kombucha (yeast and bacteria cultures), organic cane sugar, fermented organic black tea, organic pineapples, organic oranges, organic limes, positive energy, love.

Category: Booch Kombucha

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