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Cousins from a small town in Ontario, Mark Muzzin and Marty Turco are as Canadian as they come. While growing up, these cousins kept busy by playing hockey on a rink or a frozen pond with the dream to one day play in the NHL. That dream was a reality for Marty after setting an NCAA Hockey record of 127 wins as a goaltender; an unbeatable accomplishment. He continued with a successful eleven-year career in the NHL, celebrating each win with Mark by sharing a pint of beer...it became tradition. After many laughs, long nights, and one too many beers, the two decided to transform their passion into a business, thus creating Kingsville Brewing Co. Just two Canadian boys from Kingsville and Sault Ste. Marie who believed that small town dreams can materialize into a reality.


We're passionate about connecting people to each other and to our Canadian roots. We believe the best experiences in life happen over a beer and hope to inspire you to live yours to the fullest! Find us in U.S. and Canada

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