Wholesale Ordering

Lee & Maria's Produce Delivery and On-Farm Market

For 40-years we have been growing top quality produce from our Kingsville farm and delivering it to wholesale customers across the Windsor-Essex region. We aren’t always the lowest price you can find, but we guarantee you won’t find better quality.

We painstakingly select produce, not only from our farm, but from farmers, greenhouses, and producers across the region. If it’s tomatoes from Leamington or black truffles from France, we can get it for you.

Along with our quality, is our commitment to service. We work directly with chefs to ensure we are sourcing the exact item they need. Our smaller clientele allows us to devote the time and care to our wholesale customers that they deserve.

Customers include Casinos, Daycares, Wineries, and the region’s top restaurants.

If you are interested in getting more information about our wholesale offerings, please use the contact form below.