Farmers Market Like No Other

Lee and Maria’s On-Farm Market

In the summer of 1977, Lee & Maria began working the land that our market now calls home. At first, we were just a small homemade booth on the side of Seacliff Dr., much like the small little huts that still dot the roadside throughout Essex County to this day. Over the years a larger booth was built, then a wagon added for corn until finally, it took nearly an hour to put all of the produce away at the end of the night. It was time for a change.


In 2007 Lee got to work. He built the market we now occupy by hand, planing the wood on our walls, hanging the tin, running power and electrical all himself. It started taking a lot less time to close and we could start to expand into more than just fruits and veggies.

Map of Lee & Maria's Farm Market

Today, over 40 years from that first roadside booth, we now carry a lot more than just fruits and vegetables. Our shelves are lined with artisanal groceries, organic supplements, and locally made frozen meals. We have kombucha on tap, freshly roasted coffee and more surprises every day.


We still carry the best local produce grown on our 30-acre farm and on land throughout Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent. But, now we’re so much more.

Farm Events

Iron Kettle Cooking Series

Chef Ben with the Iron Kettle Bed & Breakfast joins us monthly with a seasonal menu prepared in front of you. Each course is expertly paired with a featured local winery or brewery.


Our cooking classes are an intimate affair with fewer than 30 attendees at each event. It’s a great way to learn tips and tricks from a classically trained chef while enjoying a night out at the farm.

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Vendor Spotlights

Our market shelves are jammed with products made by local artisans from right here in Essex and Kent counties. Our vendor spotlights give those vendors the opportunity to showcase their products and tell their story.


Vendor spotlights are held throughout the summer, usually on Saturday’s or Sunday’s. Call the market to inquire if your favourite natural soap maker, BBQ Sauce professional, or salad dressing creator will be in the market during your visit.

Farm Tours

Lee and Maria's Farm Field Picking

People know fruits and vegetables come from farms, but rarely do people see how a medium sized fruit and vegetable farm grows. You’ll walk the same rows we do, learning how to tend to the plants and spot those deliciously mouth watering goodies hiding in the field.

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