Our sponsor a bin program gives our members the opportunity to help provide fresh fruits and vegetables to local non-profit agencies that require a steady, reliable supply of great local food. We use the donated funds to provide weekly bins to each organization, as well as one-time bonus deliveries for special occasions when donation levels allow.


We specifically choose agencies that have to work a little harder to get notoriety or don’t have a steady stream of funding.


To support our efforts, it’s as easy as adding the “Sponsor A Bin” item in the shop. You can choose to make a one-time donation or select a recurring option if you would like to give small amounts over a period of time. All funds are used directly to give produce to these organizations.



Sponsor a Bin

Windsor Residence For Young Men

Since 2015 we have delivered weekly bins to this worthy cause. The Windsor Residence For Young Men is a charitable organization designed to promote the emotional and temporal welfare of homeless male persons, 16 to 20 years of age, with the primary focus of reconciliation with their families. The residence uses the fruits and vegetables we deliver to not only provide nutritious meals but also teach life skills like cooking and gardening to the young men.