6 Reasons To Use Grocery Delivery

6 Reasons To Use Grocery Delivery

Grocery delivery has never been more popular. As people were forced to stay home during the pandemic, people realized the benefits of getting fresh local grocery delivery.

There are two different types of grocery delivery options available in places like Windsor-Essex, London, and other parts of Ontario. You can order through a traditional online service, like Lee & Maria’s Market Online, or you can sign up for a Food Subscription Box.

Both options have their benefits, but here are seven common reasons my either option is a good idea to help your family eat healthy without a lot of effort.

1. Use a Smartphone App or Website to easily pick exactly what you need on your own schedule.

We can’t all make it to the store exactly when you need to. Online learning, zoom calls for work, or some other reason gets in the way just when you were about to leave. Using an online grocery service makes this so much easier.

Most smartphone apps will allow you to click and pick exactly what you need. Even easier, Lee & Maria’s market online service makes it simple to scroll through hundreds of in-stock products.

For a different take, try the Subscription Box app (iPhone or Android)

Once downloaded, the app opens with a login screen for returning members to log in to their accounts. However, for new customers, it’s very simple to click on the “New Customer” link and begin signing up for a new scheduled delivery. Customers can choose from one-time, weekly or bi-weekly. As always, there is no commitment and we never charge a delivery fee.

2. Get your grocery delivery exactly when you want it.

The best part of shopping online is doing it in your pyjamas while bingeing your 7th Friend’s episode in a row. Online grocery shopping is no different. Delivery is the same. For most services, you choose when your order will be delivered, that way if you’re a meal planner or a last-minute shopper, you’re covered.

Our From Our Farm Subscription Box is a unique take on this idea. Instead of just ordering once, you can set a schedule ahead of time and you can skip the part where you need to remember to buy potatoes or sweet corn. We set your order for you the week before and you can make any changes you want after. If you just want fresh goodies delivered, you can set it and forget it. We’ll bring your subscription box on your preset schedule so it’s ready for your family to enjoy.

Lee and Maria's online grocery shopping app
3. Support several local businesses while never leaving your home.

This reason is fairly unique to Lee & Maria’s. While some of the big box stores may carry a few small local producers from Southwestern Ontario. At Lee & Maria’s we support over 30 local artisans and well over a dozen local farmers. If you want locally made bread, eggs, honey, coffee, all-natural soap, BBQ sauce and so much more just cruise the virtual aisles of our online grocery store or food subscription box.

Not only are you eating healthy, but you’re also supporting the small business around the corner. Win-Win!

4. Improve your health by keeping healthy food close

It sounds so simple, but the easiest way to eat healthily is making sure you have healthy food options available. Online grocery shopping is a great way to skip some of those less healthy options by picking fresh strawberries instead of a bag of chips. I mean, we love potato chips as much as you do, but grocery shopping online is a great way to keep them out of sight…out of sight, out of mind.

A food subscription box is an even easier way. Instead of making sure you choose the right options, Lee and Maria’s can just bring them to you on your schedule. Keep your fridge filled with fresh fruits and vegetables without worrying about the supermarket or farmers’ markets.

Customize your food subscription box schedule
5. Eat with the seasons

Sometimes shopping the aisles of the grocery store can be overwhelming, especially in the produce department. With so many options it can be difficult to pick out exactly what’s in the heart of the season and what is truly local (no, all of Ontario isn’t local).

We often talk about eating with the seasons. The key is enjoying lots of the best local fruits and vegetables when they are in the height of the season. For example, why buy Mexican asparagus if local broccoli is in season. Shopping for groceries online puts that information right in front of your face. If you choose to shop with Lee and Maria’s, you can be guaranteed that if it is available locally, it will be in our online grocery system or food subscription box.

6. It’s actually pretty fun

You’ll be surprised how much fun shopping for groceries online can be. We often hear from parents who say their kids really enjoying sitting down with them to pick out the goodies that will be delivered with their next subscription box. I know, it sounds silly, but try it for yourself, it’s sort of addicting.

You can take it to the next level by surfing recipe ideas while planning your subscription box. It’s the ultimate way to meal plan and still know where your fruits and vegetables are coming from.