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  • Avery Mertz thinks it’s funny when someone calls her a jock and “takes it as a compliment, somewhat,” she says. Avery hit the ice for the first time when she was just five-years-old, playing for the Harrow Rams. Now, this Lee & Maria’s Market Specialist plays forward for the University of Windsor Lancers. “Whenever I’m on the ice, I’m the happiest.”

  • Beginning on Friday, July 10, the Town of Kingsville will be closing Main St. and Division St. to allow businesses in the downtown core to open onto the street. The closure will mean a detour for getting to our market from the west side of Kingsville and from anywhere north of highway 3. The closure

  • We've had several calls, emails, and social media posts asking about our policy on migrant workers and if you should be concerned with the produce you're receiving. I'm going to break it down into to separate topics; How do we treat "our" migrant workers and how safe is the product we're receiving f

  • By Rylee Wallace - Like many who suffer from skin problems, Charmaine Gillis, owner of Ocean Bottom Soap Company, had a hard time finding a natural remedy after developing her own skin issues 28 years ago. Doctors and Skin Specialists insisted that the best form of treatment was to use steroidal cre

  • Normally kids hate broccoli, except around Lee & Maria's. Our little farmers Lorenzo and Mia have always been big broccoli fans. We've actually caught Lorenzo sneaking heads of broccoli after they've been picked and eating them whole. The trick is eating it fresh. Broccoli can get soft as it wilts,

  • Amanda Cacilhas has travelled the world, visiting places like Portugal, France, Germany, Switzerland and Cuba. Amanda hit the road after graduating from the University of Toronto and Humber College with degrees in psychology and international development.

  • Garlic scapes are one of those crops that causes a lot of excitement around the market. To be honest, we've been growing garlic for decades, and until a few years ago had no idea that there was a use for the scape, we plucked off and discarded. Now, the scape is almost as famous as the garlic bulb i

  • By Rylee Wallace - It was only a few years ago that owning his own business merely seemed like a dream for Craig Marentette of Kingsville. After obtaining his degree in Chemical Engineering from McMaster, he worked as an Environmental Consultant in a local Environmental Firm. Nevertheless, his wheel

  • Asparagus is one of the very first crops to begin coming off Essex County fields and is a sure sign of spring. The Harrow farmer we purchase most of our asparagus from is always nice when we call an obscene number of times to see if his crop is ready, but we know we're that annoying boyfriend that l

  • By Lee & Maria's - Do you want to support a friend’s healthy lifestyle AND get them a great gift? Here are some holiday gift ideas you can tie up with a healthful bow. Don't settle for the first thing you see online or at the mall. Give a gift that is healthy, local, and is something they will remem

  • Here is a list of four local items still available during the winter, despite it being cold enough outside to freeze your nose hairs in under a minute. Seriously, holy heck it's cold out. One of the beautiful things about Essex County though is that while limited, you can still find lots of great lo

  • Healthy eating is all about making good choices and making sure it’s as easy as possible to make the right ones, more difficult to make the wrong ones. Here are a few ways to get started. 1. Go for Whole Grains Make at least half...