Interested In Go Produce? You Might Like Lee & Maria’s

Interested In Go Produce? You Might Like Lee & Maria’s…

You’re busy but you understand just how important it is for your family to eat healthy. That’s where a good produce and grocery delivery service can come in handy.

A reliable farm delivery takes the guess work out of eating the best locally grown produce, meals and organic grocery items. Problem is, not all delivery services are equal.

It’s important you choose the one that will best fit your needs and the needs of your family. Obviously we’re a little bias, but we hope this break down will help explain some of the pros and cons of choosing between the local options.


Lee & Maria’s – Prices range from $22.99 to $51.99 per delivery. There are four different bins to choose from, plus an All-Natural Bin option for $44.99. All options are customizable.

Go Produce – Prices range from $12 to $54. However, if you want to customize your delivery, the cheapest option is $34. Go Produce doesn’t offer an All-Natural option.

Years In Business

Lee & Maria’s – Lee & Maria’s began delivering in Windsor-Essex in 2012 and was the first service to begin offering home deliveries in the region. We have farmed our Kingsville location since 1977.

Go Produce – Began home deliveries in 2015.

Produce Quality

Lee & Maria’s – All Lee & Maria’s bin options are of top quality produce and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Go Produce – Provides both regular deliveries and a flawed produce option for $19.

Smartphone App

Lee & Maria’s – Was the first farm delivery service in Canada to offer a smartphone app to members allowing them to customize their orders and change their schedule right from their phone.

Go Produce – Doesn’t offer a smartphone app.

Options Outside Of Produce

Lee & Maria’s – Offers organic grocery items, prepared meals, and locally produced items like pasta, perogies, pizza, salad dressings and more. Exclusive partnerships mean many of the regions best products are only available for delivery through Lee & Maria’s.

Go Produce – Offers organic grocery items and alcohol for delivery. Has a certified kitchen and prepares their own meals.

Delivery Fee

Lee & Maria’s – No Delivery Fee, Ever!

Go Produce – Charges a delivery fee depending on the order contents.

Hopefully this explanation has helped you understand the differences between the two services. If you would like to learn more about Lee & Maria’s delivery, click this link.

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