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Lee & Maria’s offers a delivery service of farm fresh & organic produce & local artisan groceries, including eggs, honey, bread and more! Our menu changes weekly, reflecting new growing seasons & the freshest arrivals from our traditional and organic farms.

How It Works

Create an account

We have a simple sign-up to make it easy for you to eat healthy! Choose a local or organic bin, tell us where you want it delivered and you’ll be on your way. Sign up now!

We hit the fields

We head into our fields to begin picking fresh fruits and vegetables for your bin. We also work with our local farmer network to create a new menu each week based on what’s fresh, local, and customize it to match your preferences. In each order you can also make substitutions for things you don’t like, sub in things you do, and add extra groceries.

It’s delivered

We deliver to all of Windsor & Essex County as well as parts of Chatham-Kent. Sit back and relax while we deliver your order to your home or office. Special delivery instructions? No problem!

All Bins Completely Customizable


Our bins are fully customizable. You can swap out any unwanted produce for other items available that week. Our ``love and hate`` list also allows you to choose any items you never want to see in your bin, saving you time.


We accept VIsa, Master Card, and Visa Debit cards. After your menu is set we will charge your credit card for the amount of the delivery, which you will receive the following week.


Have holidays coming? You can always put your delivery on hold and skip weeks when you won't be home to eat the fresh goodies. This easily done through your account or in the app.


No matter the reason, you can cancel at any time with no penalties.



We carry dozens of locally produced, organic, gluten free and non-gmo products you can add to your bins on a one-time basis or as a standing order.


Are you looking for local eggs, fresh bread, or honey? Choose it from our shop. Can’t make it to the market this week? Pick up your local products from brands like Dressed by an Olive, Papa D’s Hot Sawce and Lakeside Pickles.


If you’re worried about gluten, we carry gluten free bread and rolls as well as organic coffee’s, grains, cereals, snacks and more. All of the items are available in our shop.


We make feeding your family healthy food (not just produce) easy.

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